DIY Small Biz Thank You Notes

Sometimes a simple "Thank You" isn't quite enough for me when it comes to sending my super-intense gratitude to the buyers that support my small biz. In case you feel the same, I wanted to give you a little DIY to show you how I send my own personal thanks in every package:

  • without hand writing &

  • without having to print or cut out business cards!

These also happen to be earth-friendly. So like, a super WIN for all ;)

How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 3)

Hi + welcome to the 3rd segment of a 9-part series of something I am SUPER passionate about: Branding & Packaging! My mission: to create beautiful packaging ideas to inspire you in your creative business, and to send off your products in a way that will make your brand shine bright & really wow your clients. So let's jump right in to project #3: Custom Egg Cartons!