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Welcome to the Creatiate blog. I am here to share stamped projects for you that are simple, beautiful, functional - and uniquely "you."

I hope you will be inspired to make many happy imprints with me!

How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 1)

How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 1)

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Hi + welcome to the beginning of a 9-part series of something I am SUPER passionate about: Branding & Packaging!

One thing I have learned through my 7+ years of small business branding:
simplicity. is. always. best!

Simple, Bold branding & packaging says:


"my work speaks for itself!"

So I have set out on a mission -- with beautiful logos from some awesome creatives -- to create beautiful packaging ideas to inspire you to send off your beautiful work in a way that will make your brand shine bright & really wow your clients.

So without further ado!

Project One: Patterned Wrap

(with a little help from my friend, Catie Miller Ceramics)


    I said these projects would be simple and I promise they are truly simple.
    Here are the steps, if you haven't already guessed them.

    How To Make:

    1. Stamp all over the kraft paper with your illustration stamp.
      Don't worry about getting it perfect - perfect will look boring!
    2. Wait a few moments for it to dry and then cut, tape, wrap it up.
    3. Cut cardstock into a 3" square & stamp with your logo stamp.
    4. Punch holes on either side of the logo & thread the twine through the back
    5. Tie on the bottom or to one side of your box

    That's it! Your packaging is ready to wow: who said fast can't be fabulous?

    Some Extra Notes for you, Awesome Super-Thorough Reader:

    • The logo stamped tag is also gorgeous alone on a kraft-wrapped box, especially paired with a patterned one if you are sending more than one wrapped package. You can even use double-sided tape and skip the twine (but I mean, don't you kind of want an excuse to buy #allthetwine?)
    • Any size doodle will do, but 1' x 1" is a great size if you are wrapping up small products; the box I used in this project is a 4" x 4", for your reference.
    • Bonus points if you integrate your URL into your 2" x 2" logo stamp, like Catie did for her brand! This directs customers straight back to you right when they're being "wowed!"

    See below for a peek at the next packaging project that you could make with the very same stamps: branded ribbon!

    * Product links are not affiliate links. They're links to the products I use because I love them, period. If you love this project, I'd love to make up some stamps for you here and get you started on your way to packaging greatness! ;)

    How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 2)

    How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 2)