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Welcome to the Creatiate blog. I am here to share stamped projects for you that are simple, beautiful, functional - and uniquely "you."

I hope you will be inspired to make many happy imprints with me!

How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 9)

How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 9)

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Hi + welcome to the *GRAND FINALE* of this 9-part series of Branding & Packaging!

Let your packages do the marketing for you,
And let them do it beautifully!!!

Simple, Bold branding & packaging says:


"my work speaks for itself!"

I have set out on a mission -- with beautiful logos from awesome creatives -- to create beautiful packaging ideas to inspire you to send off your beautiful work in a way that will make your brand shine bright & really wow your clients. We've been through 8 beautiful projects, and the last may be my favorite of all!

So let's get to it!

Project Nine: Brand All The Things

(with a little help from my friend, Pretty Sugar Paper)


    I said these projects would be simple and I promise they are truly simple.
    Here are the steps, if you haven't already guessed them.

    How To Make:

    1. Brown Paper Bags: Look best stamped in the lower right hand corner - this way, no matter the product size, you customers can see your brand!
    2. White Tissue Wrap: I love this long stamp printed right in one row and then wrapped around like gift wrap. Just be sure you protect what's below your tissue, since ink will bleed through.
    3. Clamshell Stationery Box: Stamp a blank card or postcard in the center near the bottom so it is visible through the window. Bonus points if you include a handwritten "thank you" on the inside/back!
    4. Wrapped Box: Wrap up your box with plain kraft paper. Stamp a flat long sticker all the way to the right side, and then stick and wrap around the left side of your wrapped box.
    5. Your own packaging: I chose boxes, wrap + bags that I had in my studio, especially ones that would go along with Pretty Sugar Paper's sweet products. And I kept to some specific types of products during this packaging series. But you don't need to buy new, special packaging to make your branding shine! Just bust out what you've got, grab a stamp + ink pad and make these projects your own! A little ink can transform even the most plain packaging, and I hope you've enjoyed this little journey with me!

    Thank you so much for joining me for this packaging series!
    If you have tried any of these, or if you have a new idea for stamped packaging,

    leave them in the comments!!

    I love to see your own projects, hear your new ideas + adventure into
    uncharted territory wielding just a stamp and an ink pad ;)

    See below for a peek at all the incredible projects we've done during this series!

    Special thanks to: Catie Miller Ceramics, Paloma's Nest, Little Lane Farm, A Little Delight,
    Brimmer Boys, Seaside Fox Artwork, Red Tile Studio, Honeychild Forest, and Pretty Sugar Paper!!

    * Product links are not affiliate links. They're links to the products I use because I love them, period. If you love this project, I'd love to make up some stamps for you here and get you started on your way to packaging greatness! ;)

    DIY Small Biz Thank You Notes

    DIY Small Biz Thank You Notes

    How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 8)

    How To: Pretty Product Packaging (Pt 8)